Nancy hat Folgendes geschrieben: „Friends who know me know I believe in signs from loved ones who are no longer with us. I have to share this latest gift from God and family in heaven. Thursday I was with dad and having, well, a difficult time. Dad asked me if I have heard from my mom’s brother in Austria. My response was one of frustration, dad I saw him last for mom’s funeral 25 yrs ago and talked one time to tell him of my brothers death 11 yrs ago. He then said well he has a son have you talked to him? Asking me all kinds of questions of does he have kid, what is doing. At this point my frustration level is increasing because he should know these answers that no the last time was in 1981 when I was last in Austria (where my mom was born). Then Friday night, I was asked about my cover page, which is in Nussdorf, Austria and below the wine gardens you can see my grandma’s home where my mom and my Uncle Peter grew up and where I was Blessed to spend many summers visiting.

On Saturday, A great Blesssing occurred, I received an email and a fb friend request from my cousin, Roman Wagner who said in his message, „Is your mother from Austria? I have a cousin with your name in the U.S, Roman from Austria“

Family reconnected….Amazing! God hears us….our loved ones hear us…..please keep the faith that your loved ones lost are with you always and sending messages….open your hearts the love is always there!

Blessings to you my Friends!“



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