Das ist entweder ein Pishing Mail oder zumindest sind sie unseriös, weil sie unaufgefordert ein Werbeemail senden. Vorsicht!


I hope this message finds you well!

I wanted to reach out because I’ve just visited your website sinocess.com and liked your business idea!

My name is Amy. I am the Director of eBrandingCompany (3D logo and professional CGI animation studio).

I know that our products will be able to improve your company sales rate. Are you available for a 4 minutes call to talk about it?

Imagine how fast you can get a return on investment if at least one possible client will place an order by visiting your website and being attracted by your animated Business Presentation, new Website design or 3D Intro.

Examples can be found at: www.ebrandingcompany.com

Most people in your situation during first contact had the impression they don’t need our services, can’t afford it or they were very happy with their current suppliers.

Today they are our best clients and recommend us to their friends.

I would love to have an opportunity to discuss this more with you.

Would you like me to send you our price list catalogue?

Best regards,

// Amy W.

Director of eBrandingCompany

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