Zwischen der Aufgabe unseres Gepäcks in Tallin, dem layover in Warschau und der Landung in Wien verschwand eine personalisierte Cola Flasche aus dem Koffer meines Sohnes. Der Wert ist unbedeutend, doch auch solche Delikte sollten den Betreibern mitgeteilt werden.

Von LOT, der polnischen Luftfahrtgesellschaft, erhielten wir folgende freundliche Auskunft. Für mich ist nur wichtig, dass die verantwortlichen Personen informiert werden, damit andere Diebstähle, bei denen bedeutendere Dinge abhanden kommen, vielleicht weniger häufig passieren, wenn die Diebe gefasst werden.

Dear Mr. Wagner,

We are very sorry to learn from your claim submitted on through our website regarding missing 2 bottles of Cola whilst carried on 17.08.2015.

Please, be assured that a copy of your letter has been sent to the responsible department’s heads for review and appropriate action as we consider the efficient handling on our customer’s baggage to be of prime importance.

Additionally we would like to stress that LOT Polish Airlines like other airlines cope with this issue at many airports all over the world.

LOT Polish Airlines has taken a strong stance with regard to this matter. In alliance with other airlines, airport authorities and handling agents we have put various initiatives into place to eliminate fraud actions. Unfortunately such a law infringement happens frequently at all airports.

We also inform you that handling agents are not LOT employees.

Referring to your remarks to arrange the return the missing bottles of Cola please be advised that the cases of baggage pilferage should be reported individually by passenger to respective authorities (as Police) in order to launch formal investigation.

Lot Polish Airlines as other airlines is not authorized to institute such investigation.

In respect to the claim please be kindly explained that all damages and loss incurred to passenger`s baggage should be confirmed with a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) filled out before leaving Baggage Claim Area of the airport.

We would like to inform you that according to international transportation regulations luggage received by passenger without any restriction is considered to be given in good condition.

Extending our apology on the incident, we hope that you will understand and accept our explanations and we also trust your future trips will be satisfactory in every respect.



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